The name of our company (Zuja) originates with the Lithuanian word zuiti (zuja, zujo) meaning fast, energetic movement. We are quick, enthusiastic, active, flexible and reliable.

Zuja, JSC was established in spring of 2013. We are distributors of various brands in the Baltic region (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia). We are also the manufacturers of PIO educational puzzles.

Zuja - children's employer!? We believe that the main "job" of children is play, therefore, we provide the work tools of children. After all, children develop and learn by playing.

Our aims are:

  • to represent brands that are interesting and unique;
  • to be original, creative and active in the ways we work;
  • to develop mutually beneficial cooperation with business partners and clients.

Zuja, JSC is the official distributor of: Plus Plus, Lottie, Arias, Bino, Caly, Pionierius, Q-Bricks, PlayMais, Comansi, Snails, Floss&Rock, SEPP, Splat Planet, STAX, Igroteco, My Carry Potty, Delcon. We encourage everyone who would like to sell products of these brands to contact us. We are always happy to cooperate and discuss further details.

Creative people are happy, because they like what they do. Or, alternatively, they do what they like.

We wish for you to be happy!

Zuja Team